Dentists in Bristol offer patients a variety of teeth straightening treatments to improve their smiles

Studies have shown that most people find faces which are more symmetrical to be the most attractive. There is not that much you can do about the shape of your face unless you can afford expensive, cosmetic surgery, but you can easily make your smile nice and straight. Your local dental surgery in Bristol will be able to offer you a variety of teeth straightening procedures that wor you your benefit in giving you a perfectly straight smile.

The traditional, metal brace is still a very popular option for people of all ages who have crooked teeth. It is hard to see how the system of metal brackets and wires attached to the teeth and gradually moved by the dentist, can be beaten. The traditional metal brace can solve all teeth alignment issues.

In spite of its superior performance, the traditional metal brace has several drawbacks that some newer products have been able to sidestep in a variety of different ways. Teeth can now be straightened using a clear, plastic brace that is entirely removable. Other products are very similar to the metal brace but are teeth coloured and so are more aesthetically pleasing. A concealed, coiled spring is used in one treatment that also is concerned with being discreet. Many of these treatments can also boast far quicker treatment times than the traditional metal brace which sometimes needs to be worn for several years.

The fact is that the traditional metal brace is the only method yet that can actually rotate teeth as well as deal with alignment issues. Your dentist in Bristol will be able to examine your case and offer you advice about which method is best for you.