Dentists in Bristol provide relief for patients suffering with a tooth abscess

It is quite surprising just how much tooth ache can be bothersome but anyone who has experienced it will know it all too well. Pain in just one tooth can make every day activities seem extremely difficult and all you will want to do is curl up in bed until it goes away. The best thing to do though is to go and see your dentist and get the problem seen to. It could be a sign of a serious problem that, unfortunately, won’t just go away.

Tooth ache can be the net result of a number of different things, from incipient cavity formation to a symptom of bruxism (nocturnal teeth grinding). In severe cases, it might be that you have a build up of infected materials in the interior of your tooth and this is causing the pain. This is called a tooth abscess and leaving it without treatment can have serious consequences indeed.

Your dentist might prescribe you with antibiotics in order to soothe the infection but beyond that there might be more drastic action that is required. The ultimate aim of dentistry in this case is to ensure that there is a healthy, functional tooth at the end of it all and so root canal treatment might be needed.

By paying regular visits to your dentist in Bristol, you give yourself a better chance of beating things like tooth abscesses. By communicating with your dentist about the state of your mouth, they are able to examine your teeth and gums in a way that will look for certain signifiers of certain conditions. Once found, your dentist can act decisively to deal with any potentially damaging condition.