Discover cutting edge Six Month Smile treatment at Swindon dentist

There is little doubt that orthodontic braces are the best way to treat misaligned teeth. However, traditional braces are seen by many to be a rather ugly and uncomfortable way to straighten teeth. Fortunately, a more modern approach to teeth straightening has been taken by Six Month Smile braces. They have taken all the best aspects of conventional braces and made adjustments to make them a more sensible and less invasive alternative.

The most significant difference between Six Month braces and traditional ‘train-track’ braces is the time of treatment. Regular orthodontic treatment takes on average between sixteen and eighteen months. Six Month Smile braces are able to achieve the same results in as little as six (that’s right, it does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak).

Six Month Smile brace are also manufactured using clear brackets and tooth coloured wires to lessen the visual effect of braces, one of the most common complaints with fixed-metal braces. The unseemly appearance of metal brackets and wires can put many people off wearing braces to straighten their teeth, so this more modern approach is proving to be very popular.

Six Month braces also produce a very predictable result. Unlike some other braces where the final appearance of the teeth may vary, Six Month braces produce very accurate and controllable final results. They also use lower forces and are more hygienic which means they cause less discomfort and long-term damage to the teeth. Possibly most pleasingly, they are also cheaper than most other orthodontic treatments. Dentists in Swindon are on hand to give you more information about Six Month Smile braces at your next appointment.

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