Dry Mouth and Dental Cavities in Swindon

One of the main causes of dental cavities in Swindon stems from the problem of having a dry mouth, especially in older people. Cavities arise from bacteria being allowed to develop in the mouth, normally from certain starch based foods and drinks or sweets that contain sugar. Combined with poor oral hygiene, the bacteria will form tartar and plaque in the mouth and the acid from these attacks the enamel of the teeth- cavities soon set in and the tooth will suffer decay if left unchecked. The natural fight against the build up of bacteria relies on the mouths saliva, but take away the saliva and the mouth becomes dry, leaving the teeth exposed and vulnerable. Dry mouth can be caused by many things; medication, radiotherapy and poor diet are the main causes of dry mouth. Smoking, anxiety and a poor immune system also contribute to the problem, leading to bad breath and even speech impediment. Dental hygiene is very important in the fight against dry mouth, as is regular contact with the dentist for advice. It’s important that the body is kept constantly hydrated with water during this process to build up the saliva levels; sugar free gum and sweets are also useful for stimulating the production of saliva whilst avoiding any drinks that contain caffeine.