Dying a silent death: Sleep Apnea in Bath

Sleeping should be a wonderful time to relax, ease away the woes of the day and also dream of beautiful things. However, it can also lead to illness and even a premature death if your sleep patterns are being interrupted by certain things- things caused by sleep apnea. Your heart, brain and lungs work together to keep you going during sleep mode in order to get blood and oxygen around your system; it only takes a minor altercation in this natural rhythm though and it makes each organ work harder and the heart will be the first to suffer. Air goes in through your mouth and nose and if there is any blockage at all, it can make all of the organs flutter and without you knowing it, your breathing can actually stop for periods of up to thirty seconds at a time, and this is where the stress hits the body. People most likely to suffer from this are heavy drinkers and smokers, people on high doses of medication and obese people, plus anyone who has suffered damage to the nervous system. If you feel you may be suffering from apnea, then get professional advice from Clifton Dental as they serve the Bath region and can advise you how to get around this killer.