Eliminating Bad Breath for good in Bath

Unless a really good friend has pointed it out to you, bad breath is a condition that can cause you all manner of problems- you may well be unaware of it at first, but it can cripple you in the work place and destroy your social life. There are many factors behind this condition, most of them are oral, and it can often be hard to pin down what is causing it. However, you should first look at what you are doing to yourself: smoking, the food you eat and excessive drinking will not help your cause, and whatever you do with your oral hygiene, you’ll be wasting your time unless you address these issues; poor hygiene is also a major contributing factor to nasty breath, so you should improve it. Your dentist should also be called in here to check the condition of teeth and gums because decay and disease in these areas won’t smell pretty at all. There are other factors though that are even more sinister than the above, and they can come from deep inside your body; things like bronchitis, diabetes and liver problems can cause odours in your mouth, and if this is the case after you have eliminated everything else oral, you’ll need to get a doctor on board. Remember, bad breath indicates something is going wrong and unless you treat it nip it in the bud as soon as you can, your overall health can suffer. If you are having problems, seek professional advice from Clifton Dental; though they are based in Bristol, they serve Bath as well and are ready and waiting for your call on this topic.