Embracing the world of Invisalign in Bath

Sometimes, something passes through the door of the dental surgery that really captivates the imagination and wins you over immediately. Such a gadget has done just that in the world of orthodontics- Invisalign. If you have any preconceptions of braces and aligners in Bath, then forget them, because this device has set its own unbelievable bar, and set it high. Everyone wants their teeth straightened as quickly as possible, well this works three times faster than many of its peers so that is going to win over people from the start. But what comes next is truly remarkable: you will have a number of aligners made up that you change as your teeth move. But what you will find extraordinary from the moment the first is fitted is that they are virtually invisible when they are in the mouth, as they are made from a transparent plastic- how any school child would want this freedom, and seeing as the aligner is removable (having to be worn at least 22 hours a day) it means it can give you the luxury of eating a meal and cleaning your teeth as normal. Clifton Dental in Bristol can give you as much information as you like about this remarkable treatment. It isn’t the cheapest option you will find in Bath, but it’s certainly the best.