Experience the power of Lumineer veneers at Chepstow dentist

There are a number of companies that manufacture dental veneers. One of the biggest and most popular is Cerinate. Their most recent addition to the market is Lumineer veneers. Lumineers are a special type of incredibly thin veneer that can be used to reshape your smile and enhance the colour of stained teeth. They are also perfect for unevenly spaced and worn down teeth.

What is it that makes Lumineers different from any other dental veneer available? Well, firstly they are made of very thin yet tough porcelain that is about the same width as a contact lens. This means that little preparation work is needed before application. In fact there is very seldom a need to remove any of the teeth’s natural enamel, which can happen with some other laboratory-manufactured veneers. This also means that the whole process is completely reversible should you at any point need to remove the veneers without damaging the teeth.

Lumineers are so thin they can be placed directly over the top of existing dental restorations such as porcelain crowns and other veneers. This comes in very handy when the veneers themselves begin to develop stains after about fifteen years. Whereas some other veneers would need to be ground down or forcibly removed before the application of fresh veneers, Lumineers can simply be placed over the top.

Not all dentists offer Lumineer veneers because they have to be registered as an official representative of Lumineers. However, dentists in Chepstow offer Lumineers to restore the appearance of your teeth to give you the bright, even and healthy smile you have always wanted.

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