Face your dental phobia with help from Chepstow dentist

Many people have a fear of the dentist. In a recent survey it was found that nearly ninety per cent of people in the UK admitted to having a fear of the dentists. While this is a very high number, there are many types and levels of fear and most people are able to put this to one side and receive the dental treatment they need. But in some cases, the fear so big that it becomes all consuming. When fear takes over and begins to affect every aspect of your life, causing anxiety, panic and stress, it is then known as a phobia.

Phobia is the most severe kind of fear and when it comes to dental phobia, prevents the patients from receiving the necessary dental treatment they may require. This can present a serious problem resulting in lost teeth, dental decay and even life-threatening gum disease.

However, despite what it may feel like when in the midst of dental phobia, it is possible to overcome the fear and conquer it completely. This often involves a large input from a Chepstow dentist. Modern dentists are trained to help anxious and phobic patients and have a far greater understanding of exactly how difficult and unsettling it can be. They are able to help you by talking through your fears and helping to alleviate them by discussing exactly what is going to happen during the treatment.

They are also trained in relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises and will even offer other forms of relaxation such as aromatherapy. This has been shown to help calm patients nerves before treatment. The first step towards successfully conquering your fear is to make an appointment to just have a chat with your dentist. By making small steps such as these you will soon be on the road to receiving the treatment you need.

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