Fighting tooth decay, join the battle in Chepstow with the Help of Clifton Dental

Tooth decay is the dental condition in which the outer layers of your teeth become worn away by the acid that can be found in your mouth. Extensive tooth decay may require fillings and may even result in a painful abscess in the tooth. Preventing tooth decay with good oral hygiene is one that Clifton Dental of Bristol believes is one of main points to address in Chepstow.

Dental plaque is made up from bacteria and food debris. When carbohydrates are consumed, bacteria in plaque converts it into acid, this acid then slowly erodes the surface of the teeth, wearing down the enamel. When tooth enamel is lost, toothache may be experienced as the neuronal cells become vulnerable and then teeth are now exposed to the elements and other substances.

The ways in which you can protect your teeth from tooth decay are by reducing the amount of starchy and sugary foods you consume. This should reduce the bacteria’s ability to produce harmful acids and thus prevent tooth decay. In addition, proper brushing of the teeth and tongue should reduce the amount of bacteria and plaque that resides in your mouth in the first place. Finally, keep attending regular check-ups with your local dentist as they will be able to spot any early signs of tooth decay.