Fighting Wisdom Teeth Pain in Bristol

The growth of wisdom teeth in Bristol is an adult form of teething- just as uncomfortable and just as painful as it is for a baby. The only difference being is that you and your dentist should have prepared for the event. It generally happens anywhere onwards from the age of 17, yet combating any pain is similar to how you would treat a baby. If the tooth seems to be growing naturally, and this can be checked with X-rays, then, it’s a matter of grinning and bearing it until it erupts. Painkillers, clove oil and regular chewing of gum should be enough to see you through the event. But life is just not that simple for everyone. Wisdom teeth have a habit of growing in all directions if they don’t have enough room to grow naturally, some will not appear at all, and this can lead to great pain that can only be cured with an extraction. If it reaches this stage, a multiple extraction of all wisdom teeth may be recommended in a single visit to get it over and done with. This has now reached ‘operation’ status and normally performed in a hospital. The stresses involved in such an extraction are immense and dangerous and it’s important to monitor the pain once the operation has been completed. The gums and surrounding teeth are also exposed to serious infection and need to be treated regularly, as well as taking painkillers to soothe the process.