Find out about CERC and how to arrange a consultation in Swindon

CEREC is a modern dental technique that offers an alternative to laboratory made veneers and crowns. Dentists are able produce an instant ceramic dental restoration using photography and computerised technology. Teeth can be completely restored in just one sitting with natural looking, discreet crowns, veneers and fillings.

When you attend your appointment at your local, certified CEREC clinic in Swindon, your dentist will use 3D photography and CAM/CAD technology to create a design template for your new restoration. CEREC can be used to treat crooked teeth, gaps, discolouration and can be used in place of metal fillings.

Once your dentist is happy with the design for your false teeth, the data is sent to an on-site milling machine which will produce the tooth from a high-quality ceramic block in 6 to 30 minutes. Once your ceramic has been fabricated, your dentist may treat it to a clean, polish or stain in order for it to blend in with your natural teeth, then it will be cemented on top of your teeth.

CEREC treatment boasts many benefits, including that the entire process is completed in one appointment, only one injection of local anaesthetic is needed, temporary dentures or restorations do not need to be worn and your dentist is in full control over the end result.

CEREC treatment costs from £380 -£700 per tooth that is being replaced, depending on the product required. This is very similar to the prices charged for standard veneers and crowns but with faster and more natural-looking results, you truly are getting more for your money.