Find out from Clifton Dental about Porcelain Veneers in Bath

Have you ever stood in front of a porcelain statue and admired the depth and beauty of the material? And those Romans loved it and showed it of with vigor in Bath. Wind the clock forward to the present day and see just how porcelain is used in all streets of life and through Clifton Dental of Bristol you can see first hand how it is used in dentistry, as the material itself reflects the natural hue that the teeth’s enamel gives off. So then, we arrive at porcelain veneer, a gem if ever there was one because not only having a veneer fitted will copy the sheen of your other teeth, but will cover up loads of ‘ageing’ issues in your mouth. Gaps, cracks and the recession in your gums can all be countered by having veneers fitted to your teeth and it truly is a simple operation to have done. The teeth are first prepped by having the enamel removed and then impressions are taken of your teeth and sent off to a lab so that the veneers can be made. Before they return, you will be fitted with a dummy veneer to protect your teeth. Then once they are made, they are cemented into place. Now, if you were to hold a porcelain veneer in your hand, they look so delicate and fragile, but with the cement, they multiply in strength and become very durable and hardy- lasting anywhere up to 20 years. But it is not just about their strength, it is all about the way they look and the rejuvenation they give to your smile- they are astounding and will turn your mouth back by a good 20 years too.