Flawless smile with teeth contouring from Weston-Super-Mare dentist

Is there is a small defect in your teeth preventing you from having the perfect smile? A small chip in one of the front teeth, worn sections of enamel or even a small fracture or slight overlapping of teeth might seem like insignificant problems but they can be very noticeable if all th

e other teeth are straight and undamaged. However, all of these minor defects can be fixed by a process known as teeth contouring, a procedure aimed at changing the size or shape of teeth so that teeth with minor damage appear to be in better alignment with the rest.

Using a special polishing instrument a dentist will remove small areas of enamel from one or more teeth to even up the defect in the other tooth. This is then followed by an even smoothing and polishing of all the surrounding teeth. The process is quick, painless and most of all affordable making it an ideal place to start a more comprehensive smile makeover.

Teeth contouring is most often performed on the upper front canine teeth, lateral teeth and upper central teeth as these are the most exposed to structural damage such as chipping or fracturing. Besides realignment teeth contouring also makes teeth easier to clean reducing the risk of dental decay or gum disease. This is especially true when fixing small overlapping issues.

The procedure will usually take place in one visit to the dentist, although it is sometime necessary to have a follow up appointment. Most appointments will last between half an hour and an hour and the dentist will often take a before and after picture so you can more easily visualise the change in appearance. The process involves very little if no pain at all because it is only the nerveless tooth enamel that is being removed or polished, although some patients experience slightly sensitive teeth for a few days after the treatment. A Weston-super-Mare dentist will offer teeth contouring as a standard procedure so you can finally get that flawless perfect smile you have always wanted.

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