Foods to avoid for good dental health: get advice from Bath dentists

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene makes activities that you take for granted so much easier. If you allow your oral health to slip then you could be face with tooth decay and even tooth loss. These can be painful and inconvenient, making it much harder to eat, drink, talk and even smile. Brushing, flossing and seeing your dentist every six months are crucial, of course, but you can help ensure good oral hygiene by avoiding certain foods.

Foods which contain lots of sugar and or starch contribute to excess build ups of plaque. Plaque attacks the teeth, causing cavities and eventually the break down of teeth which might come loose. Brushing and flossing should rid your mouth of the vast majority of this plaque but it is easier in the first place to simply avoid certain foods so that you don’t end up having to deal with a plaque problem.

Sweets contribute hugely to plaque formation and the same can be said of sugary and carbonated drinks. These should be eaten in moderation. Unfortunately fruit and some vegetables also contain plenty of sugar and starch. Although these fruit sugars are good for us generally, they can contribute to plaque. As such you should try and brush your teeth after you have eaten fruit or have your fruit before your main meal so that the process of eating the other courses can dislodge some of the plaque that will already be starting to form.

Having a generally healthy diet can contribute to good oral hygiene. If one part of you is unhealthy it is likely to affect the rest of you too and this is true of teeth. Talk to your Bath dentist today to get more advice about how a healthy diet can aid good oral hygiene.