Get Rid of the Winter Blues with Gum Reshaping in Bristol

If a gummy smile is getting you down, we have the perfect solution to banish those winter blues and have you beaming with confidence. Gum reshaping is a cosmetic dental procedure  used to balance the appearance of the smile by altering the shape of the gums and increasing the amount of tooth tissue that is visible when you smile.

How does gum reshaping work?

Gum reshaping is a procedure that is used to create a more attractive smile and it provides a solution for patients who have a gummy smile. A gummy smile is a term given when a large amount of the tooth is covered by gum tissue. There are no unpleasant medical symptoms, but the appearance of the smile is affected and this can make people feel self-conscious. By altering the shape of the gums and removing a small amount of gum tissue, we can balance the look of the smile by uncovering more of the tooth tissue. A gummy smile tends to make the teeth look short and small and we can use the latest techniques to make them look larger and longer for a more attractive aesthetic.

With gum reshaping, we gently trim away excess gum tissue to unveil more of the tooth structure. This enhances the look of the smile and helps to promote confidence. Typically, treatment can be completed in a single session.

We use modern techniques to minimise pain and accelerate healing.

Could I benefit from gum reshaping?

If you feel that your gums take over your smile or your teeth look very small, you could probably benefit from gum reshaping. This is a simple and safe procedure that produces really effective results quickly with minimal pain and no hassle at all. Our expert dentists can help to contour the gums to make your smile look amazing and increase your confidence, especially in situations where your smile is in the spotlight. To find out more, simply give our friendly reception team a call today!