Getting a Mini-implant in Bath

If there were award ceremonies for dental treatments in Bath, mini-implants would definitely be in with a shout. This procedure has become so easy to do because of the advances in technology, that today, you can have multiple placements done in a day- something that would be unheard of 20 years ago. When dental implants started to make an impact on the dental world, mini-implants were only used until the healing process was complete, then they would make way for big brother. But it was soon realised that ‘minis’ could have their own application as well. The only gripe that people had about implant technology before was how long it took for the wounds to heal before the crowns could be fitted, months in fact, because the process was still using drills and scalpels. Now, lasers have taken over in dental surgeries so the treatment is precise, cleaner and less damaging to your mouth and minis cause even less damage, which is why they can be called into use almost straight away. Where their application is best used is to support fittings in the mouth; dental bridges are fine in their own right, but if they spread over a large expanse of say three teeth, their strength is diminished, but by anchoring it in the middle with a mini, the bridge multiplies in strength. Minis are also in their element when used with dentures as they can anchor the fitting tightly to the mouth and combined with an adhesive, the dentures will stay put forever. For more information about mini-implants, you can call Clifton Dental.