Getting fitted with Dentures in Gloucester

Dentures can get some pretty bad press at times in Gloucester, probably due stigma that comes with wearing them, and images of how you have seen people wear them. Teeth in a jar, for example, doesn’t exactly cry ‘MUST HAVE’ either. Then there’s the affect they have on you mentally and physically. Being fitted with dentures can signal the end of your youth, make you age even faster, and then there’s the problem of wearing them, fighting to keep them in place whilst eating or talking. But there are some very serious benefits behind the wearing of dentures. When the teeth have gone, the occlusion or ‘bite’ of the mouth can alter, placing stresses in the jaw and causing all manner of problems in the head, neck and upper back. Your face will also become vulnerable to ageing too, not only because having no teeth is associated with old age, but the face and cheeks will naturally sink and sag- gums will become exposed to wear. Wearing dentures can stop this from happening. The look of dentures has moved on too from the ‘plastic age’. Materials have become softer and more natural looking, as have the teeth, making them sit more firmly and more naturally in the mouth- that’s before you combine them with fixatives and mini implants to lock them into place. Once you have overcome the inevitability that you have lost your teeth and dealt with the shock, having a good set of denture can restore a lot of confidence you may have lost and give you a better life style once again.