Getting treated painlessly in Swindon with WaterLase

It is a wonderful thing when modern dentistry has the gall to embrace new technology and put it into practise. One of the greatest innovations over the past couple of decades has been the introduction of the laser into dental procedures and it has rapidly replaced the drill as the first line of offence on problems such as tooth decay. From this, a few variations on the theme have sprung up and one of the better ones is WaterLase. It combines the use of a laser, air and water to get the job done, and it does it painlessly. A drill can tend to shatter the areas it penetrates and the minor cracks in the enamel leaves the tooth vulnerable to infection after the procedure. With WaterLase, it is completely the opposite. It can burn a hole into the tooth whilst cooling it with air and water and then go on to remove any decay inside the tooth, removing the need for anaesthetics. It does very little damage and is great for treating all aspects of tooth decay and indeed, excellent for root canal treatment as well. It truly is the future and if you would like to know where and how you can get this treatment in Swindon, then get in touch with Clifton dental of Bristol..