Getting your smile back in Chepstow

It’s in the title- 6 months smile and this wonderful little device can put the smile back into your life in Chepstow like it says it can. This device works like your traditional brace but with several twists to it. For a start, it doesn’t concentrate on pulling a whole lot of teeth into place in one go, but it will work on the odd one or two that have been annoying you most of your life. And because you have to pop yourself into the dentists chair every 4 weeks to ensure the brace is adjusted to keep the teeth on the move all the time, it makes the treatment fast. But unlike braces from bygone years that made you feel like you have just had a car crash when you look in the mirror, the 6 months smile is far more sympathetic in the way it sits in the mouth: you have to have ceramic plates fitted to your teeth and then a wire thread through each one. But these will be color coded to suit the color of your teeth, which makes them discreet in the mouth. The only problem that you may have with this device, as with any fixed brace that is fitted to the teeth is that of keeping it clean. You will, and you can get advice from your dentist about this, have to ensure that you remove any food from the mechanism to ensure that any bacteria is not allowed to grow around the wires and infect your gums and teeth. This may take a little practice at first, with dental floss and small brushes. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be smiling in no time- 6 months in fact!!