Good oral hygiene: Ask your Bristol dentist about how to make sure of it

Taking excellent care of your mouth is not exactly rocket science, which is a good thing! By following a few simple guidelines you can ensure that you have a life time of good oral hygiene, allowing your mouth to function as it should. The consequences of not pursuing good oral hygiene habits can be rather inconvenient to say the least.

The main aim of taking care of your mouth at home is to remove plaque, a troublesome subject produced when you eat and drink. Plaque is what causes teeth to decay and gums to become diseased. First of all you should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Use tooth paste which contains fluoride because it helps to strengthen enamel (the hard substance which coats your teeth). You ought to brush for about three minutes at a time but not too aggressively as it can damage the very things which you are trying to look after.

Make sure you floss too as plaque can easily be missed by your tooth brush, no matter how adept you are at using it. Plaque finds its way between teeth and can only be removing by pulling floss back and forth. Eat a healthy, balanced diet too as this should minimise the amount of plaque which is produced in your mouth. Avoid such activities as regularly drinking too much alcohol and smoking as they can be bad for the health of your mouth.

Your Bristol dentist will be an expert in all areas relating to the hygiene of your mouth so you shouldn’t hesitate in asking him or her if you have any queries about how best to look after your teeth and gums.