Great Oral Health through Fabulous Flossing in Bristol

There are some very important ways to ensure that your keep your teeth as healthy as possible. The most obvious one is to brush your teeth at least twice a day to ensure that the surfaces on your teeth are free of bacteria, but that won’t be enough to remove anything that may have got caught up between your teeth. The shops in Bristol are full of back-up products and one of the best you can buy is dental floss. This can come in many shapes and different forms, but each will do the job it is intended for, namely to help you to clean between your teeth and up around the gums. Floss comes in different sizes to cater for the gaps between the teeth; this can depend on your age too so you need to find the one that suits your conditions best. Seeing as it is so cheap to buy, you can’t go wrong by experimenting until you get the one that works best for you. Some flosses come in tape form and are excellent for large gaps between the teeth, whereas thin floss is good for young people whose teeth are healthy and tight against each other. You can even buy floss that is already sprung in a harp, which takes a lot of work out of having to tie it between your fingers. However, you should practise until you have learnt to use it correctly and can remove any food from between your teeth with your eyes shut. For more information on how dental floss can work for you, you should call Clifton dental studio for advice.