Half a year and a beautiful Smile in Bath

So, have you an annoying tooth or a few that are stopping you being the person you should be when socializing in Bath? Well, take a bit of a deep breath because there is something out there that may just cuddle your mouth and rather intrigue you- the 6 months smile. It will do what it promises- it will pull your teeth into place within half a year. It embraces all of the old qualities that have been learnt from old fashioned braces but it delivers a twist. For a start, this brace works on only the teeth in your mouth that need dealing with and every so often, your dentist will tighten it up to keep the process on the go. But it looks cute in the mouth as it is made from modern materials that sit discreetly upon the front of the teeth and are linked with a wire. Yes, it is a fixed brace and you are going to have to work hard at cleaning it whilst it is in your mouth, but that is nothing to care about as you will get the hang of it, but it’s about the bigger picture and in no time at all, your teeth will look incredible. And to give you an extra incentive, this treatment is very reasonably priced in relation to other programs around. It is also a more preferred treatment for people who are getting on in life- age wise.