Having Dental Veneers fitted in Chepstow

There are many techniques available in Chepstow now to improve the look of your teeth. Bleaching and laser treatments have become very popular and very cheap too, but they are only as good as your teeth are. If your teeth have been subjected to wear or have become chipped or cracked, these treatments will not solve the problem. Neither will they plug any gaps that may have started to appear. This is the time to contemplate dental veneers. They are easy to fit to start with- your dentist will first remove the enamel of the teeth and then make a mould from which the veneer can be made. It normally takes a couple of weeks for the veneers return from the lab and then they can be cemented in place. However, CEREC treatment allows this whole process to be done in a hour, as the veneers are made in a machine on site. Lumineers are similar, albeit they thinner still, hence there is no removal of the tooth’s enamel- they are simply cemented over the tooth. But whatever the type of veneers you opt for, there is no hiding the fact, that they give incredible results. The length of the tooth can be restored and any cracks and gaps covered over. But it’s because of the amazing translucent look that the veneers have, where the most effective results are achieved. They look brand new, as well as looking natural and restore a stunning look to your smile