Healthier smile with Zoom teeth whitening from Swindon dentist

Our teeth are more prone to developing stains and discolouration as we get older. Effective dental care such as brushing and flossing will clean superficial stains but if they have penetrated into the tooth enamel and dentin then it may not be possible to treat without a whitening treatment.

There are many whitening treatments on the market which have different levels of success with different patients. Zoom teeth whitening is one of the most state of the art and effective ways to whiten teeth, with results capable of being up to ten shades whiter depending on your teeth.

Whitening teeth will make your teeth look healthier and will help to make you appear younger. It can also help to restore your self-esteem and make you more confident about smiling. Zoom teeth whitening works by applying a special formula to the teeth, which is then activated on the special Zoom Advanced Heat Lamp. This increases the speed of the effects of the whitening procedure meaning you will spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

You should always avoid over-the-counter treatments when it comes to teeth whitening. This is because it is possible for the formula to cause some damage to the soft tissue of the tongue and gums if applied incorrectly. A Swindon dentist will be able to use all the necessary protective equipment to keep your teeth and gums safe and will also be able to achieve better results. There are many different treatment lengths available depending on the level of discolouration and the type of teeth enamel you have.

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