How Bristol Dentists care for all of you

18625029Not just content with giving you advice and work on your teeth, today’s dentists can also advise you on matters that are going on in your body too, and there is a good reason for this. As more and more discoveries come to light about how the body and mouth affect each other, the more a dentist can make more informed decisions about the treatments that they offer you, and give you better judged advice on how to look after your mouth and your body: gum disease can lead to heart failure and diabetes, an abscess can infect the brain and teeth grinding can cause damage throughout the head and down through the neck into the upper back. In turn, diabetes can bring on gum disease and gastric problems can lead to bad breath; in truth, a dentist can spot these in your teeth and gums, so aside from fixing you up, they can offer you ideas on how to improve your lifestyle in order to keep you healthy. They can talk about diet, giving up smoking and dental phobia, to name a few, as well as showing you how your teeth can look healthy as well as being healthy too. This is one of the reasons that you should use your time wisely during a check-up. Clifton Dental of Bristol covers such topics, so you should take time to pop along and see them, and find out what other things your dentist can do for you.