How Dental Veneers rid you of shame in Weston-super-mare

As you start to get older, things will obviously begin to change in your body; you may start to droop in places, other bits may sag and head south for the winter, so you have to work harder to stop all of this from happening. The same can be said for your teeth and for all the time and effort that you put into looking after them, they too may well succumb to the signs of ageing. The most noticeable problems are the receding of the gums, discolouration, loss of length in your teeth due to wear and the outbreak of gaps between your teeth. Fortunately, the world of cosmetic dentistry has got its act together, and can save you from these tell-tale signs that give away your age. With all of these problems, they can be covered up and hidden away with dental veneers. The most popular are made from porcelain, beautifully natural and after a little preparation which involves the removal of the old enamel they are cemented into place, making you pretty again and ready to give you a good 15 years of support. A variation on this is the Lumineer; very thin but they are cemented straight onto the enamel of the teeth. The other noticeable technique and also very popular are composite resin veneers, more commonly know as cosmetic bonding; very cheap, very quick and extremely versatile. With all of these treatments, the results are very rewarding and rejuvenating and just the tonic you need to turn back time. For more information on these treatments, contact the Clifton dental studio in Bristol, because they can advise you on everything you need to know in Weston-super-mare.