How problems in the Mouth affect your Body in Bristol

Your body is a very intricate machine that relies on everything working as one to maintain high levels of health throughout it. However, if certain ingredients break down or become diseased, it can have a knock-on affect throughout the system which will then become strained as it tries to cater for such radical changes. A good example of this is how your mouth affects the working of the rest of your body. You have to remember that the link between all of the organs throughout your body is your bloodstream. It carries vital nutrients and oxygen to all of your vital organs, but it will also carry infection too and if something goes wrong in your mouth- that too will be spread throughout. If you have an abscess, it is very toxic, and these toxins will find a way into your blood. There have been cases where this has become life-threatening because it has induced a coma and shut down the brain. But another dangerous condition is gum disease; whilst causing mayhem to your gums, this too leaks poison into your blood and infects organs throughout the body. It has recently been strongly linked to heart disease. You need to be aware of such dangers in Bristol, so get as much information on this topic as you can and the best place to start is with the Clifton dental studio.