How Smoking starts the woe of Gum Disease in Chepstow

For all of the health warnings that you see about smoking, people still love a good puff on a cigarette; but it is not just your body that’ll suffer, your mouth and especially your gums will suffer from your habit as well over time. Smoking dries out your mouth and without the necessary saliva being present, it can leave your teeth and gums vulnerable to attacks from bacteria, from which, gum disease can easily strike. Gum disease is a nasty condition that will not only pillage and plunder your mouth and destroy your gums, it is also linked to heart disease and failure- as is smoking. This disease of the mouth is difficult to get rid of; it will take a lot of hard work and effort to beat, from both you and your dentist. You will need to change your habits at home and improve your oral hygiene; if you are keen on beating it, and you should be, you’ll also have to cut out the fags too. With any operation or treatment you have done, smoking gets in the way of the healing process and it will only worsen the condition of gum disease. If you want to know more about the damage smoking does to your gums, how to fight disease- even get advice on giving up smoking, then get in contact with Clifton Dental. Though they are based in Bristol, they serve the Chepstow area and are experts in this field.