How to fight Periodontal Disease in Bath

As the Clifton dental studio of Bristol can tell you in Bath, there are some very serious conditions that can pop up in your mouth that will not only threaten your oral health, but also see you end up losing your teeth and with all these diseases, they all have the same starting point- plaque. If this is allowed to get a footing in your mouth it will start to eat away at your teeth and infect your gums. Now you are running the gauntlet of tooth decay and gum disease and if the problem is still allowed to flourish, it will then go beyond your teeth and start to eat away at your jaw bones- a condition known as periodontal disease. This is pretty much as bad as it can get in your mouth and it will lead to tooth loss. However, it can be treated, but it won’t be easy. Your teeth and their roots must first be cleared of any infection; this will take root canal treatment and some very deep cleaning below the gum line to remove any signs of the infection in your jaws. In some cases, you may require tissue and bone grafts to solve the problem and this is one hell of an operation to perform. But it can be done and is the only way of stopping periodontal disease from running riot. It will also take a lot of discipline from you as well and you will have to turn your life around, improve your diet and put a stop to the bad habits that got you to this stage in the first place.