How to Improve Your Smile with Invisalign

Few people are blessed with perfectly aligned teeth, but thanks to modern treatments it’s now easier than ever before to achieve a beautiful smile. With innovative systems such as Invisalign on offer, we are able to straighten out orthodontic issues with minimal disruption to your look or you normal daily routine.

If you’ve been searching for a way to improve the look of your smile or you’re interested in finding a discreet solution for crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth, we are delighted to offer Invisalign, one of the world’s leading orthodontic systems.

About Invisalign

Invisalign is a clear brace treatment that offers patients the chance to enjoy virtually invisible treatment. Invisalign is not like many other orthodontic treatments because it uses a series of removable aligners to straighten the teeth, rather than a single fixed appliance. With Invisalign, you can enjoy amazingly discreet aesthetics, as well as the flexibility and convenience of a removable brace.

Invisalign treatment uses a sequence of specially-designed aligners. Each one is worn for 2 weeks and should be in place for at least 22 hours per day. After the last aligner is removed, treatment is complete and it’s time to go out and showcase your new pearly whites!

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign aligners are virtually undetectable because they are made from clear plastic. They also give you more freedom than a fixed brace and they enable you to eat and clean your teeth as you would normally. Removable braces also enable you to enjoy better oral hygiene throughout the treatment process, so there’s a lower risk of dental disease.

If you’d like to find out more about Invisalign, give our friendly team a call now!