Incredible Invisalign in Weston Super Mare

We are delighted to offer patients in Weston-super-Mare and beyond incredible Invisalign treatment. This innovative treatment provides a virtually invisible alternative to traditional braces for patients who have issues such as underbite, crowding or gaps between the teeth. If you’ve been searching for a painless, effective and discreet solution for orthodontic issues, your search is over!

The ins and outs of Invisalign

A modern alternative to traditional fixed braces, Invisalign offers a host of benefits for patients with minor or moderate orthodontic issues. Invisalign has a different approach to treatment, as it uses a series of appliances, rather than a single device, to straighten the teeth. Each Invisalign patient receives a set of custom-made aligners to be worn for just 2 weeks and then replaced by the next aligner until the series is complete.

Invisalign aligners are light and they are manufactured from clear high-grade plastic, which is virtually undetectable when you smile. With Invisalign, you can enjoy the benefits of treatment safe in the knowledge that nobody can see your brace.

How long does treatment take?

Treatment times with Invisalign vary because every patient requires different amounts of movement. In minor cases, treatment may take less than 12 months, while patients with more complex needs may be advised to wear the aligners for up to 2 years. We will be able to give you an accurate estimate during the consultation stage.

Is Invisalign the best choice for me?

Invisalign certainly offers an array of advantages for patients and is a great choice for those who have perhaps been worried about wearing visible braces in the past. However, it is impossible to say that it is the best option without a consultation, as this system is more suited to some patients than others. Invisalign is a versatile treatment and it is suitable for most patients, but in some cases there may be other options worth considering and we can explore these with you.