Invisalign Treatment in Bath

If you’ve got to that stage in life where you have to have your teeth straightened, before you opt for the more traditional braces, there are many reasons you should seriously take a look at Invisalign treatment before you make your decision. It’s not the cheapest of the aligners around, but it’s certainly the most effective, most unimposing and the quickest of them available in Bath today. Once you have signed up for the treatment and done all your 3D images taken and you are happy with the projected outcome, you will be fitted with the first in a number of aligners that are changed at regular intervals as your teeth begin to change position. One advantage of this aligner, is that it is recommended it be worn for around 20 hours a day, but meaning that it can be removed, which enables you to keep up a normal hygiene program and allow you to eat without wearing it. As you change aligners over time, the material from which is made is quite flexible and so allows for rapid movement to the teeth, meaning it works far faster than other braces. But the greatest benefit of this treatment is that the aligner (that’s shaped more like a gum shield) is made from a completely clear material and you would be pushed to even spot that it’s in the mouth. Now, if you’re in your teens, you’ve just avoided being ridiculed at the most influential period in your life! Now make your decision!