Keeping your teeth clean in Weston-super-mare

One of the most annoying things about oral hygiene is that it is not an exact science, as all of us in Weston-super-mare are different and what works for one person, simply won’t for another. But there are a few rules that you can bang out with your dentist to ensure you give your mouth a damn good chance of being healthy. 1: finding yourself a decent brush to scrub your teeth with important; you can go electric here too as it will do the work that you can’t, especially if you are feeling lazy- and it is also useful to find the right texture in your bristles that suit your mouth- bit hit or miss at first but persevere and you’ll get there. 2: toothpastes are designed to suit each mouth and varying conditions that your mouth may be suceptible to- again it is important to get advice from your dentist here so you get the right paste that will optimize your oral health. 3: flossing has become vastly important in oral hygiene as it can get to places in your mouth that your brush fears to tread. Finally, you can back up all of this with a decent mouthwash, the use of small inter-dental brushes and the odd herbal oil to massage your gums with. Do all of the above and you will keep your teeth to the bitter end.