Lifelike porcelain crown from Weston-super-Mare dentist

Injury and disease can affect the health of our teeth. Teeth that are affected by decay or have been damaged as the result of an accident or biting something hard can be very sore and also lead to further dental complications. If a tooth is cracked or has severe dental cavities it can easily become infected. This can be very painful if the infection begins to attack the dental nerve and can ultimately lead to tooth loss. This is why it is so important to repair damaged teeth before they are attacked by infection and disease.

One of the most tried and tested ways of protecting a tooth is to use a dental crown. Crowns are artificial caps that are cemented over the top of the existing teeth, covering all parts that are exposed above the gum. In this way they act as a barrier against further problems and also restore the structural integrity of the tooth.

Crowns have been used in dentistry for many years. They can be made of a number of materials but have commonly been made from metal (sometimes gold and silver for the more ostentatious patient) and porcelain. Although metal is obviously a very strong dental substitute, it suffers from a poor aesthetic quality and is often not favoured by many patients. Porcelain on the other hand, looks a lot like natural tooth enamel, even having a slight translucent quality. This means that a porcelain crown will look very realistic in the mouth. Porcelain can also be especially selected to closely match the colour if the existing teeth.

New dental technology available at Weston-super-Mare dentist also enables them to manufacture porcelain crowns in a fraction of the time previously needed. Some porcelain crowns can even be made and fitted in just one appointment. A crown could be the only way to protect your tooth and porcelain is one of the best materials to use to achieve this.

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