Look after your mouth with oral hygiene advice from Bath dentist

Looking after the health of your mouth is very important. Cleaning your teeth and gums, as well as making sure your tongue is free of bacteria will help to keep your mouth healthy and feeling fresh. It is also recommended by dentists that you keep up six-monthly check up appointments to ensure your mouth is as healthy as possible.

If you are not cleaning your teeth and gums sufficiently they could be at risk from tooth decay and gum disease. These are very serious problems that if ignored could result in oral infection, abscesses and even heart disease. Recent evidence has proved that gum disease especially has links to heart disease as infections spread into the bloodstream and clog arteries around the heart.

Brushing at home twice a day for three minutes with a suitable brush will go a long way to removing the plaque and bacteria that cause disease and decay. But it is important that you stick firmly to this routine and ensure you are cleaning your teeth properly. Your Bath dentist will be able to show you how best to clean your teeth at your next check up and they can also recommend a suitable brush and paste.

As well as brushing, it is also important that you are flossing every day. This helps to remove plaque from the hard to reach places between the teeth and in the pockets between the gums and teeth at their base. Flossing will also help to remove the bacteria that causes so many cases of bad breath in the oral cavity. Your dentist may also recommend using other oral hygiene products such as mouthwash and tongue scrapers. These additional tools can all hep to keep your mouth healthy and free from unpleasant dental disease.

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