Look younger with teeth whitening from Chepstow dentist

Teeth whitening is the process of whitening discoloured or stained teeth by artificial means to make them appear whiter and more healthy. Teeth whitening has existed for many years but it has become more affordable and more available in recent years. Increased media attention and coverage of whitening procedures on television programs has done a great deal to bring teeth whitening to a larger public.

Whitening procedures are now offered by nearly all dentists with both in-surgery and take home treatments being two of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. The whitening process involves using a beaching agent, usually hydrogen peroxide in strengths varying from three to thirty per cent. Stronger treatments are usually used by dentists in surgery because of the possible damage to soft tissue with high-concentration bleaching. Dentists are also able to use the necessary safety equipment. Whitening treatments are available for purchase over the internet but dentists strongly advise against using these as the variation in strength combined with home application can be very dangerous.

Whitening may cause some mild sensitivity to patients after the initial treatment, which usually settles down after about 48 hours. Most whitening treatments last between a week and two weeks, including home whitening and the effects last for up to three years but this can vary depending on which treatment you are using. The cost of whitening also varies upon the level of whitening required and which system the patient chooses.

Teeth whitening can have a very dramatic effect and can completely rejuvenate a smile and make the patient look years younger. Because of the limited discomfort and small amount of risk from the treatment it is fast becoming a very popular procedure with Chepstow dentists.

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