Melt Away Your Dental Phobia in Bristol

Dental phobia is among the most common phobias in the UK. If you’re a nervous patient or experience dental phobia, we are here to help. Our dental team is highly trained, we offer the latest painless treatments and techniques and we also provide sedation dentistry. Our aim is to help you to overcome your fears and be sure that you feel comfortable when you have treatment.

In addition to modern dental techniques, we also provide a spa experience to make our patients feel more relaxed. We provide aromatherapy services, hot towels, relaxing music and head massages, and we also invite you to relax with some soothing music or pop a film on and make yourself at home.

Sedation dentistry

Dr Neil Gerrard is qualified in sedation dentistry and provides sedation for a number of dental procedures. Sedation is different to general anaesthetic because it doesn’t make you lose consciousness. However, it does make you feel extremely relaxed and you won’t endure any pain while you have treatment.

When you have sedation treatment, your dentist will administer sedative medication, which will gradually make you feel tired, calm and relaxed. You will be conscious, so you can talk to your dentist if required. After your dentist has finished, they will give you more medication to wake you up and the effects of the sedative will start to wear off.

It usually takes a few hours for the sedative effects to completely wear off, so we recommend having somebody to take you home and stay with you for about 24 hours. During this time, you should avoid driving, exercising, drinking alcohol and operating any machinery.

If you need dental treatment but you’ve been dreading getting into the dental chair, or you struggle with dental phobia and you haven’t been to a dentist for a long time, we can help. Our team is experienced, caring and compassionate and we will go the extra mile to help you feel calm and alleviate anxiety.