Modern dentures fitted by Chepstow dentists make for excellent replacements for lost teeth

Losing many or all of your teeth is a trauma indeed and it will have profound implications for the way you can eat, drink and talk. This is not something that has to be put up with, because dentists can fit patients with sets of dentures that are extremely effective at replicating the functions of a set of teeth.

So effective and popular are dentures in the twenty first century that they are challenging the out of date stereotypes that have surrounded dentures for so many years. The associations with old people whose dentures slip out at meal times is not a true reflection of what modern dentures are like.

For one thing, they are quite suitable for patients at any age who wish to avoid invasive surgery and are on more of a budget. They are far less likely to slip from the mouth because the modern designs of dentures are carried out to fit perfectly into the mouths of individual patients. In the past they were often made en masse to the same design and so were simply the wrong size for many of the people who wore them.

Go and see your dentist in Chepstow if you have experienced large scale tooth loss and want to know more about dentures and how they work. You will probably be surprised to find out that patients these days are finding them far more comfortable and user friendly than in the past. They can always be worn as a short term solution if you are considering something more drastic but permanent, such as dental implants where replacement teeth are secured to the jaw bone through osseointegration.