Mouth Guards in Chepstow: Clifton Dental tells you how

Mouth-guards can be used for all manner of sporting reasons in Chepstow, as well as in dentistry. If you are of sporting nature, it would be wise to protect yourself, especially if you play in a sport that has a lot of physical contact involved, like rugby for example. It is possible to buy a basic guard over the counter, although seeing that they come in only a few sizes, it would probably be wiser to buy one that you heat up in hot water and then mould it to your mouth so that it fits you better. However if you are really into the game that you play, it may better to get one that is designed specifically for you and that can dissipate the forces from any blows you may get from the sport that you play. This is because there is more at stake than just a bloody mouth. A good mouth-guard will be able to absorb impact and prevent injury to your jaws, head and neck. It is not only sport though that benefits from mouth-guards. Dentists use variations of them in certain procedures; some aligners are shaped just like a gum-shield and help to re-align the shape of the teeth. But probably its best application in dentistry is used to help in the fight on teeth grinding and with one worn at night (and in the day if the condition is bad), it can prevent untold damage to the teeth. If you would like more information on mouth-guards and gum-shields, you should contact Clifton Dental of Bristol.