Opting for Cosmetic Bonding in Bath- Clifton Dental tells you why

Cosmetic dentistry has taken the city of Bath by storm with all of promises of beautiful teeth and it doesn’t let you down either, as there is a treatment for very crisis, sometimes two. This is especially true when it come to the problem of dealing with teeth that have gaps in them, have become worn and cracked and become badly discoloured- the gums may also be receding. The two options you have here is to have either some veneers fitted or get some dental bonding done. Veneers are great but it the treatment can take a couple of weeks to complete: cosmetic bonding can be done in the hour- which is great if you are in a rush. It’s a simple process of applying individual layers of coloured resin onto the surface of the teeth so that the dentist can sculpture them into the desired shape, whilst hiding away all of your problems. It’s a versatile treatment that can be simply touch-up in the future if something goes wrong, unlike veneers that have to be replaced if they get damaged. If they have one pitfall, it is that being resin in bonding is vulnerable to staining, but then again this is easily remedied by have it touched-up once more. Clifton Dental in Bristol has all the information you need on cosmetic bonding and where you can have it done in the area.