Oral cancer and how to spot it in Bristol with Clifton Dental

Cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world today, and although oral cancer isn’t one of the most common forms of the disease, it is one of the most easily recognised and diagnosed. This is all thanks to your local dentist. The dental practitioners at your local clinic have all been trained to recognise the symptoms of oral cancer. With an early diagnosis, oral cancer can be treated and prevented from spreading around the body.

Patches of white, red or a mixture of the both on your tongue or in the floor of your mouth suggest early stages of oral cancer. Additional symptoms include: sores, earache, loose or lost teeth, extensive bleeding or a lump in your neck.

The people at risk from developing oral cancer tend to be individuals who smoke, consume large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis and who eat high levels of processed foods as these all contain carcinogens that can cause a cancerous tumour to develop.

Treatment for oral cancer begins with a biopsy of your tumour in order to find out the stage of your cancer. Through surgery, the bulk of the tumour will be removed from the oral cavity, following which, additional therapies may begin. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and anti-cancer drugs are all used to try and combat this deadly disease.

As with all cancers, early diagnosis is key. The sooner your dentist notices a symptom of oral cancer, the sooner he can arrange treatment for you. It is therefore absolutely essential that one learns all they can through Clifton Dental and maintain regular dental check-ups with their local dentist in Bristol.