Oral health in Bath

Your teeth are prized and vulnerable fragments of your body, they worthy of special care and attention, something a lot of people are all too quick to disregard. Looking after your dental hygiene is more than just brushing your teeth two times each day; the lifestyle habits and food preferences you make will also lead to a damaging effect on your oral-health and general well-being. For many of the people in Bath, brushing teeth is no more than a two minute process. A uninterested once over of the top and bottom rows is regarded as satisfactory and even this quick routine may sometimes be neglected due to a lack of time. However, it is important that on understands that brushing your pearly whites is crucial to remove the bacteria that build up in your mouth during the day. It is essential to brush not only your teeth but also your tongue, as it is on this surface that most bacteria cling and replicate, often causing bad breath.

Finally, your dentist will tell you that dental check-ups and following a healthy diet are two staple features of maintaining good oral health. Dental appointments should be kept every six months, as this gives your dentist the best chance of detecting and managing any problems you may be experiencing. A healthy diet involves cutting back on the amount of sugar one consumes. Sugar and starchy foods increase the level of acid that is produced by the bacteria in your mouth. This acid slowly erodes the teeth and leads to tooth decay and cavities.