Overcome Your Dental Phobia In Bristol

Clifton Dental Studio is a Dental Phobia Certified practice and this means we have expertise in caring for nervous patients. We understand that many patients experience extreme anxiety when faced with even the prospect of having dental treatment and we always try to do everything we can to prevent patients from feeling stressed, scared and worried.

Our team is very friendly and our dentists always make time to talk through procedures with patients, explain how treatment works and what it involves and reassure patients who suffer from anxiety or dental phobia.

Helping you to overcome your fears

One of the main worries about dental phobia is that it often prevents patients from attending regular appointments and this means that there is a high risk of dental health problems developing. We aim to help nervous patients overcome their fears, so that they feel able to come for regular check-ups without experiencing fear and trepidation.
As well as providing a relaxing and calming atmosphere for patients, we also provide spa packages to help you relax, as well as treatments such as sedation, which is designed to prevent you from feeling pain.


Sedation is a technique used widely in medicine and dentistry to help patients to feel relaxed before and during treatment; it can be used to prevent physical pain, as well as to reduce anxiety and fear and it is very effective in helping nervous patients to feel more calm. Unlike general anaesthetic, sedation does not make you lose consciousness, but it does bring your body and mind into a deep state of relaxation.

If you are anxious about having dental treatment or you suffer from dental phobia, contact us today; don’t suffer in silence, as we can help!