Patients Concerned About Dental Extraction Turn to Local Dentist in Swindon

The removal of a tooth from your mouth is medically referred to as dental extraction or exodontias. Dental extractions may be performed for several different reasons but severe cases of tooth decay and problems with wisdom teeth are common reasons that require dental extraction. Sometimes dental extractions are necessary for orthodontic treatments such as braces to correct your bite and the alignment of your teeth. There are two categories of dental extraction: simple and surgical. Simple dental extractions refer to the removal of any visible, easily accessible teeth in your mouth and can be done under local anesthesia. This is a simple procedure that can be performed very quickly by your dentist with minimal pain and healing time. Surgical dental extractions are performed on teeth that are not visible or difficult to access. For example, surgical dental extractions are required to remove wisdom teeth that are sill beneath the gum line. This can be to prevent crowding. Surgical dental extractions are typically performed under a general anesthetic. After a dental extraction, you may experience some side effects such as prolonged bleeding, swelling, or bruising. There have been rare instances of infection and nerve injury, but your highly qualified dentist in Swindon will care for your teeth with the utmost caution and prescribe any necessary antibiotics before or after surgery. There is nothing to fear with dental extractions because you are in good hands with us.