Patients from Bristol are choosing cosmetic bonding at Clifton Dental Studio

At Clifton Dental Studio in Bristol we have a lot of patients who come in to have cosmetic bonding carried out on their teeth. If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your smile then this is one method that people seem to know little about. Let me explain.

Unlike porcelain veneers, which are made of porcelain and baked in an oven in the dental laboratory to harden, cosmetic teeth bonding is applied directly on to your teeth and then cured with a light until it hardens. To prepare the tooth or teeth, your dentist will lightly roughen the area – usually without the need for anaesthetic. Then a thin bonding agent will be applied on the etched surface and, on top of this, the dental composite.

Dental composite is made up of materials such as silicon dioxide or quartz and is bound together with a tough synthetic resin. This is where the real artistry of cosmetic bonding comes in. Your dentist will blend the different particles to create different shades, translucency and toughness to match your existing teeth.

Using this process at Clifton Dental Studio we can fix a huge variety of problems with the teeth of patients from Bristol and surrounding areas. For example, we can close gaps between your teeth; eliminate chips, spots or discolouration; fill cavities. If you have a broken front tooth giving you a jagged smile, having cosmetic bonding carried out is a great way to quickly return your mouth to its original glory.

Of course, it is still important to keep brushing your teeth as normal as the bonding will deteriorate and become discoloured, just like your original teeth. You may also need further maintenance, especially if you have extensive work carried out. If you treat your teeth well, though, this is a great way to fix your smile.