Patients from Bristol get their teeth in line with the assistance of Clifton Dental Studio

Patients from Bristol and corresponding areas are turning more and more to Inman aligners as a way to straighten out their teeth and here at Clifton Dental Studio we are happy to oblige with one of the latest techniques being used to fix this common problem.

Although not completely invisible, Inman aligners are discreet and are an excellent method of quickly straightening teeth. They look a bit like a retainer and are made up of wires and clear plastic. They work by using a different system from the main competitor on the market Invisalign aligners, using a system of springs which pull and push your teeth until they are in the optimum position.

The speed of the treatment is probably the biggest benefit of using Inman aligners rather than traditional braces to straighten your teeth. If you have a relatively simple problem, it can be fixed in as little as four weeks. Even complex problems are usually sorted out in 16 weeks. They do not need to be adjusted much so one set is all that is needed for the whole process. They are also removable which you will soon realise is very useful when you get food caught up in your braces. This way you can simply remove them when you eat, or, if you forget, you can easily take them out and give them a clean.

The one thing to remember with Inman aligners is that they are not suitable for all patients. The level of movement they are able to produce is more limited than with traditional braces and are best suited to correcting misalignments in the upper or lower front teeth. However, is this is the problem you face, then it is worth speaking to your dentist about Inman aligners as they are an effective way to fix your smile.