Patients from Swindon enjoy a straighter smile in only 6 months

Do you feel awkward and try to avoid laughing when out and about in Swindon to stop people seeing your crooked smile? Do you keep your mouth shut when you smile because you are so embarrassed by the shape of your teeth? What you need to do is get yourself down to Clifton dental studio of Bristol and let them give you a 6 month smile!

A 6 month smile is a discreet system of orthodontic braces which straightens out the front six to eight teeth. Most results are achieved after 6 months or so – hence the name. The front six to eight teeth are the ones which you display when you smile – hence the second part of the name! They are discreet because the use brackets and wires which are the same colour as your teeth. No-one need ever know you were wearing them.

The principle is simple but you will need to leave some room in your diaries for a few appointments. You need an initial consultation to discuss your unique requirements, then if you go for it, you’ll need to come back to get a mould of your teeth. Using this, the dentist at Clifton dental studio will make up a template to make sure the wires and brackets are on the best place for your teeth. If you are lucky, the some experienced dentists or orthodontists might be able to put the brackets in place without the need for a template. This is not a skill you should expect from everyone though!

When the braces start doing their job and your teeth start to move, you’ll need to make adjustments – to your braces as well as your life. Every 5-6 weeks your dentist can make changes and at the end the change will be permanent.