Patients from Swindon with dental phobia seek treatment at Clifton Dental Studio

Fear of the dentist is one of the most common phobias around – up there with fear of spiders. Perhaps this is unsurprising. We know how important our teeth and gums are to us, so the thought of someone poking around in there with sharp tools or electric drills quite naturally scares us a bit. It is ironic though, because staying away from your dentist is a sure fire way to end up with lasting damage to your teeth. Whether you stay in Swindon or the Outer Hebrides, everyone needs to make a regular visit to the dentist for a check up if they want to ensure they keep their teeth and gums healthy.

There are different ways of coping with dental phobia. First of all, make sure your dentist is aware and supportive of your fear. At Clifton Dental Studio in Bristol, we think that establishing a connection with your dentist is a good way to calm your nerves as trust is usually a major factor in dental phobia. You can also get therapy or counselling to help with the problem. Often talking your way through your fears will help to alleviate some of the symptoms. Another method which some people use is hypnotherapy. This works better for some people than it does for others but is a proven form of therapy for many which does not involve taking medication.

One of the most common and effective ways to solve anxiety issues for patients from Swindon is through distraction. This is carried out by some dentists as standard to help keep patients calm. For example, many dentists at Clifton Dental Studio play music or have the radio on in the background during treatment. If your dentist does not have a music player available, then why not take your own?