Patients from Weston-super-Mare know the importance of good oral hygiene

For all the new techniques and treatments available from your local dentist in Weston-super-Mare, it is always better if you do not have to go to the dentist any more than necessary. Of course, the easiest way to keep your dental visits to a minimum is to look after your teeth and gums in the first place.

Oral hygiene is something we take seriously at Clifton Dental Studio, for patients from Weston-super-Mare and all around the country. And, believe it or not, we do not want you to have to visit us too many times either! Good oral hygiene helps to prevent the build-up of calculus and plaque which are the main causes of gum disease and tooth decay. The primary way in which you can help reduce the chance of these problems affecting your teeth is by regular brushing. Using a mouthwash is a good additional method to help deal with plaque.

The other main thing you can do to look after your teeth is to try to keep a healthy diet. Sugar is one of the main causes of tooth erosion and can be found in a huge range of food and drinks. Red wine and beer are particularly bad for sugar content so, if you like a drink, take extra care of those pearly whites.

Smoking is also a problem for good oral hygiene. In addition to potential for diseases like mouth cancer, like red wine it will stain your teeth. Bad breath is also a problem so, if you smoke you should think about quitting. If you don’t, don’t start!

Even if you do all these things, it is still important that you visit your dentist for a regular check up. No matter how diligently you look after your teeth problems can still occur and it is important to get in early.